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Photobucket Sucks

This is going to be a 'Douche of the Day' award post that I usually do on my Wordpress blog.

I was a happy Photobucket user for 11 years.  That's a long time to stick with a service so they were obviously a good one.  I was completely happy with the services provided on my free account and a couple of times, I made use of the print store in order to make custom gifts for loved ones for various occasions. Then all of a sudden, in 2017, they start sending me nagware. For those unfamiliar, nagware consists of popups/emails/messages etc that 'nag' you to buy their product. It's irritating, true, but not a deal breaker since I had a free account.  I just unsubscribed to the nagmails and just put up with it on the site.

Then, however, Photobucket decided to do something I consider to be truly despicable. They made it to where you CANNOT download your photo albums (for backup or for account changes).  They actually REMOVED the download album links.  Why is that partic…
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Favorite File Manager for Windows 7

Most people that use Windows tend to just use Windows Explorer as their file manager. A vast number of people likely don't even realize that there are other options.  Windows Explorer is painfully limited in features, especially lacking the tabs that 95% of file managers utilize.  In my line of work, I have to compare, browse, edit, move, delete and rename vast numbers of files.  Windows Explorer just can't handle the task.
I ended up using FreeCommander file manager, which had all the features I was looking for with extensive customization options for the user interface and a built in viewer that could be used inside the window I was working on.  That was actually the most difficult feature to find as I discovered later.
After a while though, I became very frustrated with FreeCommander's 32 bit free version.  It became slow and often froze.  So I decided to comparison shop, so to speak.  My requirements were few but necessary: I had to be able to customize every aspect of…

The Confederate Flag and Its Impact and Influence on Millenials

It's been an unsettling week as once again, some post high school dropout with a chip on his soldier and a too-easily acquired gun decides to end lives.  This time, some loser douche decided to invade a church and kill several people who weren't pale enough for him.  This has led, most unfortunately to a whole lot of sheeple deciding to blame everything in the world, except for this young guy. What some people just can't seem to wrap around their heads is that sometimes people are just born wrong.  This guy probably has instances as far back as early childhood of things that should have alerted someone to the fact that he's cracked in the head.  But the sheeple persist. So, now we have this movement going on called #takedowntheflag, where civil authorities are being besieged by people in droves demanding that Confederate flags from the Civil War be taken down from government buildings. Apparently, that was what set the guy off.  A flag.  No, that's just what he cho…

Yandex Web Browser

On my Windows 7 computer, the one I work from, I need a good, fast reliable browser as part of my workflow.  I recently got rid of one that I really loved for a while, called Torch Browser.  Torch has a lot of great extras, such as music and video players, torrent downloader, facelift for facebook; basically it's great for play.  Don't get me wrong, it was great but my focus on this computer is productivity and I need a web browser to match.  I like using Chrome based browsers as well as Firefox, but I hate having Google involved in everything (like this blog *grumble*) so I go for alternative browsers based on Chrome, minus the Google.  (Sorry, Google dear, but you brought this on yourself)  I was a rabid fan of Opera prior to what I like to call the Operocalypse, where Opera gave up everything that made it stand out from the rest (and made it the best) to yet another Chrome clone.  I have it, out of habit, but only use it on my most secure sites; it sits idle 90% of the time…

Review of All Natural Products

As noted in my other blog, Thoughts From The Outside, I went on a all-natural mission to detoxify my life.  In part this change came about due to my dad's bout with cancer, but also it was something I have wanted to do for a long time and that was just my extra boost.  I started reading first about the 'no-poo' movement, which involves all natural alternatives to washing one's hair without using commercial shampoos, which are laden with cancer causing ingredients.  After several tries of various things, all of which are chronicled in my other blog, Thoughts From The Outside, I settled on one company for all of my all natural needs.

I discovered a wonderful, family owned company during my lengthy search for quality, effective all natural products.  They are called Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve Company, located in Cleveland Ohio.  They sell lots of amazing, all natural products like (obviously) soap and salve, also shampoo bars, deodorant, lotions and lip balms.  When I b…

Writer's Block and a Deadline

Everyone has something they are good at; I'm a writer.  I have been hired as a freelance writer on multiple occasions, to the benefit of both parties.  I have written many different types of custom writing for various clients, depending on their needs and my knowledge of the subject they need written about.  Sometimes, though, after a long while of not doing much on the writing front, my skills can get somewhat rusty.  Enter every writers nightmare: writer's block.  Sometimes inspiration can be difficult to come by so it's necessary to have several sources at hand to give a boost when needed.  If ever I get stuck on a particularly technical piece or with a subject I know little about, I can always get a professional to write my essay.  I can always turn to writers with advanced postgraduate degrees and professional business experience to help me get a paper that I can use as a source for my work.  It's nice to know that I don't have to worry about anyone else havin…

For anyone getting login errors recently (Linux)

For those random people having random issues with logins may not be your Linux distro.  Apparently a nasty bug has creeped into ext4, which is causing all kinds of mayhem.  Make sure when installing a new distro, you mount your /home directory as something besides ext4 in order to keep your data safe.  See this link, scroll down to the Section entitled Tips and Tricks (by Robert Storey) to see more of what's going on, in case you are affected.  Not a lot of people are at this point, supposedly just randomly.  The chief maintainer of ext4 is working on a solution now.